The Business Networking Show
The Business Networking Show

Wed 22nd Sep 2021 @ The Holte Suite, Aston Villa, Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6HE

15-08-2017 - Sarah Brown, inspire2aspire - 0 comments
18 business growth reasons to visit TBNS this year

Whether you are exhibiting or just thinking of visiting The Business Networking Show 2017 it is worth thinking about why you are there. What do you want to sell, promote or communicate and to whom?

Here are eighteen potential business growth reasons that you might have:
1. Meet up and catch up with existing 4N contacts
2. Get orders or sales
3. Book future sales appointments
4. Launch new products or services
5. Open new markets or territories
6. Test new pricing or offers
7. Enhance your relationships with your current customers
8. Conduct market research - lots of businesses to ask in the same space
9. Get contact names for your database
10. Get media coverage - say you are going, say you have been
11. Check out the competition
12. Enhance your company image or brand and raise awareness
13. Conduct sales meetings at TBNS
14. Provide education or information to the visitors including sampling of products
15. Recruit new employees
16. Find new collaborators
17. Find ways to enhance your product or service offering to make it into a premium product
18. Visit the inspire2aspire stand 253 to get a FREE tool chosen from the 100+ tools we have developed to help people like you optimise their business.
Any combination of these reasons may be appropriate depending on your business growth needs. So think about going, make a plan and act and we'll see you there on our stand 253
If you don't know where you're going, you will probably end up somewhere else Lawrence J Peter

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