The Business Networking Show
The Business Networking Show

Friday 28th Sept 2018 @ Wolverhampton Racecourse, WV6 0PE

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Keynotes at The Business Networking Show:  OUR SUPER 7

Keynotes at The Business Networking Show: OUR SUPER 7

A business networking show like no other.

Think fast-paced F1 cars, white-knuckle rollercoasters, the hairs that stand up at the back of your neck after a re-run of 'Die Hard'. If you're looking for adrenaline and a positive change of direction, then you've certainly come to the right place.

As well as being jam-packed with high-quality advice, exhibitors, and endless opportunities to network- The Business Networking Show is proud to be hosting 7 world class speakers; each with an individual take on business and life. Each helping you to reassess your business and life.

From TV celebrities, to an OBE; an 84-year-old sky diver, to a world class business coach- we really weren't kidding when we'd promised to put on an unforgettable spread.

And with the UK's #1 Motivational Speaker, Brad Burton as your MC for the day, you can guarantee that this event is going to be brimming with energy and oomph; right from the get-go, until the very end.

The Bad Boy of Magic: Craig Petty

When was the last time a keynote speaker quite literally presented you with a 'ta-da' moment? Spurred you to think outside of the box? To do something different, and unashamedly, stand out

Not only has Craig Petty been recognised as the magician of the year by 'The Magic Circle' (twice!), he is the owner of Slightly Unusual, a multi-million-pound business specialising in Comedy Illusionists and events entertainment.

We're certain that you won't have listened to a keynote like this, ever before. Because Craig combines business with magic so fittingly, that you'll no longer be able to imagine one without the other.

Hey Presto, and you're welcome.

The Serial Networker: Stef Thomas

What do you do after attending 1000 business networking events?

Write books about business networking (naturally).

Stef Thomas is the author of 'Business Networking for Dummies' and 'Instant Networking', both best-sellers in their respective fields. With almost a decades' worth of engagement in 4Networking, he is the go-to expert when it comes to accelerating results and turning networking opportunities into sure-fire sales leads.

His easy-to-follow and actionable advice will see you getting the best out of your professional engagements and increasing your sales; instantly.

25 minutes well spent? Damn right.

The Channel 5 Celebrity: Paul Bohill

Best known for his lead role in the hit TV show, 'Can't Pay We'll Take It Away' as a senior enforcement agent and consultant to DCBL. Paul has years of law and order experience under his belt, and he'll be sharing some of his most insightful (and hilarious!) stories with you, at The Business Networking Show.

But that's not all, Paul was also a founder member of the Police Underwater Search Unit and has wound up on survey work in the North Sea and around the British Isles, due to his keen interest in diving. You can guarantee that his down-to-earth keynote speech, will be nothing short of entertaining, educational, and downright inspirational.

The 'SPARK': Gary Turner

As a university drop out at the age of 19, Gary probably wouldn't have thought that he'd end up working with some of the world's most renowned and established technology businesses.

Over the last 20 years, Gary's go-getter attitude has enabled him to soar through a massively successful career. Following his ballsy move of walking away from Microsoft in 2009, he shaped a technology start-up called 'Xero'; whose revenue in 2017 is expected to rocket past £25 million, after barely even scraping £50k in the first year. What's more is that Xero has even earned global recognition from Forbes Magazine, who named it World's Most Innovative Growth Company.

Bursting with confidence and business intelligence, Gary is determined to help ignite your spark, at The Business Networking Show. And with a track record that many entrepreneurs dream of having, you'd be out of your mind, not to listen.

The Open Book: Darren Hepburn

Despite being in business for over 20 years, Darren is not afraid to admit that he too, has made some questionable business and life decisions. What's inspirational is that he's taken valuable lessons from his cock-ups, and will be sharing them with you, on September 15th.

Being able to spot mistakes, accept them, and confidently move on from them, is at the very core of Darren's principles, when it comes to running a business and managing life. During his half hour slot, he is going to bare all and speak about his website and email marketing fails; and how he has managed to transform something that at first seemed pear-shaped, into years of success and credibility.

The No-Nonsense Game Changer: Ian Dickinson

You'll need an extra notepad for this 30-minute slot, as Ian Dickinson's keynote guarantees to be super-charged, and packed with valuable advice.

Ian is one of the UK's leading business coaches and international speakers; in fact, with keynotes booked in Cape Town, Vietnam, Bangkok, and Dubai, we often wonder how we managed to even book him in for The Business Networking Show!

You're in for a real treat on September 15th, because Ian will be sharing a slice of the action from '100 Game Changers', an event where he's shared top-quality advice and content. You'll be blown away by 20 of the best tips for business management; but be prepared, because they're going to be fired at you at warp speed. Military style. You'll love it.

The Super-Granny/Woman/Human: Dilys Price OBE

If an 84-year-old skydiver doesn't get you feeling motivated, then we're not sure what will.

Dated stereotypes go out of the window, as far as our Dilys is concerned. You'll rarely find her knitting woolly cardigans for her grandchildren- nope, that's not her style. Instead, picture her with a beaming smile, a larger than life attitude, telling you (quite frankly), to grab life by the balls.

As well as being a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm, Dilys's approach to life is something we can all learn from. As founder of the charity 'Touch Trust', she has bettered the lives of many. Her hard work and dedication has been rightfully recognised, as she has been awarded with an OBE, the Lifetime Achievement Award at National Diversity Awards (2014), and a silver medal in the British Parachute Nationals, for free style.

You'll have to fasten your seatbelts for this keynote speaker. Dilys has completed over 1000 skydives so far, and is truly living life at full-speed... and she'll be propelling you to do the same.

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