The Business Networking Show
The Business Networking Show

Friday 28th Sept 2018 @ Wolverhampton Racecourse, WV6 0PE

The women & Families Resource centre is a registered charity based in Wolverhampton which supports, empowers and advocates for vulnerable and disadvantaged women and families to overcome their barriers and improve their quality of lives.  We facilitate the integration of women into the community whilst empowering them to reach and achieve their full potential, focussing on preventative and early intervention services.  We therefore, run programs and activities which encourage women to be self-reliant, to identify their own needs, make their own choices and create their own solutions.

Our services are free to any woman regardless of their race, culture or religion. Many of our service users have complex situations with issues such as poverty, domestic violence, rape & sexual abuse, culturally harmful practices, mental health difficulties and many more.

For many years, WFRC has demonstrated that women and families can be their own healers with the proper life skills and counselling. Even the most overwhelmed individuals can tap hidden springs of resilience and discover their own competence and hope; the most disruptive families can thrive when security and support replaces chaos and inconsistency in their lives. Families can change, and with that, communities can become more productive and independent.