The Business Networking Show
The Business Networking Show

Friday 28th Sept 2018 @ Wolverhampton Racecourse, WV6 0PE

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‘Does this Suit me?’: So, What Should You Wear at a Business Networking Event?

‘Does this Suit me?': So, What Should You Wear at a Business Networking Event?

After walking out of a career in seedy pubs and late-night bars, the idea of self-employment and getting to wear a suit every day, got my adrenaline pumping even more than a tandem skydive.

I set up Neely There with an A4 folder of ideas and two blazers to my name; thinking that this (along with a pair of shiny high heels), was going to define me as a professional.

I was wrong.

Although dressing ‘007 style' fits other business owners to a T, I quickly discovered that it suppressed my personality and creative streak.

Heads up: I'm not going to go on about how you shouldn't wear a 3-piece to business networking events; but I will badger on about finding a style that you're comfortable in.


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Over 500 already booked.. want in? #TBNS17

You know an event is going to be amazing when you have over 500 people already pre-registered to attend, just short of 2 months out until show day.

Oh yes people. The Business Networking Show 2017, #TBNS17 is heading into its 4th year and it is going to be BANGING! I'm excited! We're excited! Can you tell?

This is the LARGEST business networking show in the UK... bringing networkers from all around the UK together under one roof, and the thing is, if you're reading this, YOU can have completely free entry to the event by pre-registering NOW!


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Come to TBNS and find out what this is all about!

Liam Neeson's got nothing on Darren Hepburn!


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Are You Full of Business Bull?

Are You Full of Business Bull?  Learn How to AVOID Corporate Jargon

I'm not going to sugar coat it for you: whether you're a mindset coach, virtual assistant, or website developer, you will come across hundreds of competitors, at business networking events.

The problem with 'crowded industries' is that they spew absurd corporate lingo, bizarre acronyms, and to be frank- made up words that I like to define as 'business bull'.

Nobody wants to be categorised as the 'all speak and no substance' kinda' person. And although we're all partial to the odd cringe-worthy cliché, our elevator pitches and business conversations are more likely to triumph without them.

I've whipped up three examples of corporate jargon phrases that I've come across most at networking events. Read on to find out why they've almost made my ears bleed, and how easy it is to come up with sensible, less irritating alternatives. 

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When your email marketing goes wrong

We've all been there - you're really busy but you just have to get your email out today. You write it, proof it and everyone's happy so you send it. Then you spot the mistake...

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Keynotes at The Business Networking Show:  OUR SUPER 7

Keynotes at The Business Networking Show: OUR SUPER 7

A business networking show like no other. 

Think fast-paced F1 cars, white-knuckle rollercoasters, the hairs that stand up at the back of your neck after a re-run of 'Die Hard'. If you're looking for adrenaline and a positive change of direction, then you've certainly come to the right place.