The Business Networking Show
The Business Networking Show

Friday 28th Sept 2018 @ Wolverhampton Racecourse, WV6 0PE

Ninder Johal 10.10 Concourse

The institution is dead - long live the individual.....

With an increasingly connected globe and the ever transformational digital world - we as individuals have never had a greater opportunity to influence the environment around us. Personal branding is now so key to your businesses success....

Ninder will explain how networking with people outside of your industry is more beneficial than networking within and how doing for others for no return and putting back into your community can lead to directly to your company and personal brand differentiating itself from your competition.

Being an entrepreneur has never been so exciting as now with the new tools at hand, learn from Ninder's journey how he used his journey in the global music industry to forge a personal brand that enables him now to run one of the quickest growing event production/branding companies in the country and is now recognised as one of the key influencers in the region having being cited as one of the 250 Power List of the West Midlands for the last three consecutive years.

Benjamin Dennehy 10.50 Concourse

Benjamin Dennehy is widely known as the UK's Most Hated Sales Trainer. His direct, blunt, honest and truthful assessment of sales either endears him to his audience or causes extreme discomfort. He challenges traditional understandings of the roles played by salesmen and prospects. He holds up an ugly mirror and makes those who profess to be sales professionals to take a long hard look into it. Many don't like what they see, and a few hate him for it. You may dislike his style, his dress sense and even his red cap bearing "Make Salesmen Great Again". But love him or hate him, the logical consistency and truth of what he says can't be ignored or reasoned away.



Warren Cass 13.15 Concourse

Influence in a Changing World

Never before in human history has ‘CHANGE' been such an important topic. But how has it impacted the way we communicate? Right now, we have 5 different generations in the workforce all with different experiences influencing their decisions. We have more diversity in society than at any time in our history adding another level of complexity to the way we interact. Technology continues to evolve at an astonishing pace as big business moves closer to automation... and on top of this, the world population has doubled since 1980. It's exhausting just to think about it!

The way we communicate is fundamentally changing thanks to the social web, the pace we live our lives is creating shorter attention spans and more superficial relationships as we are bombarded with marketing messages every waking hour.

In this fascinating talk Warren will explore this change and how it affects us all. He will share a modern-day toolkit for effective communication helping you understand how to build stronger client relationships and more influence.

Tom Wright Magician 13.55 Concourse

Tom Wright tells his story of how he went from quitting his job as a Bricklayer to living the dream of becoming a full time Magician.

Tom is one of the most spectacular close up magicians in the entertainment industry but it wasn't always the case . He started his work life as a bricklayer but after being inspired by his Grandad at a young age, he took £100 and turned it into the impossible dream. A dream that turned into a magical reality. Tom has the ability to make you believe anything is possible.

Now with over a decade of experience up his sleeve, (sleeve, get it? magician?? never mind...) Tom can look back and help others by using his skills in magic and business to give people hope and confidence in, not only their businesses, but in their every day lives too.

His unique style of visual magic and fast-paced comedy twinned with his Northern Charm, is guaranteed to leave your audience not just entertained, but totally amazed and bubbling with confidence.

He is living proof that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Just ask Land Rover, HSBC or ITV, who have all been host to Toms talents.

Tom Wright
Professional Magician &
Associate of the Inner Magic Circle
07825 070 423